Final Project


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The final project has been a time-consuming yet fulfilling one! NM3228 has got to be my favourite module this semester and possibly my entire NUS life (well this is only my 3rd semester but oh well). It’s the first time I’m willing to spend so much time and effort doing my assignments but still remain happy after that =p

Participation For this project, I was in charge of developing the website as well as collating the developmental document with the assistance of my group mates. Initially, we considered co-creating the creatives, but we ultimately appointed 1 person to be the artist to avoid any potential clash in art styles, which might affect the visual unity of the final prototype. 20 pages worth of content for the developmental document seemed daunting at first, but after I started to really think about the substance of our work and justifying everything in words, I realised that if I could, I could easily churn out more than 20 pages for the report… Just kidding, 20 is enough =p I’m extremely grateful to my group mates for giving me pointers along the way and helping to vet through the documents and dreamweaver drafts without fail 🙂

Problems Encountered Web-developing was the biggest problem I encountered in this project as I had no prior experience in Adobe Dreamweaver before taking NM3228. I am extremely thankful for the Dreamweaver ‘crash courses’ that my tutor, Jing, has scheduled during tutorials. Upgrading from Adobe CS6 to Adobe CC generated the most problems in my course of work. My laptop, that originally had Adobe CS6, had to be sent for repair in the middle of the project, disrupting my flow of work. I also lost all my data from the reformatting of my computer, and I had to upgrade from Adobe CS6 to Adobe CC. There are several differences between the two versions, (e.g. the usage of “Layout” and “Draw AP Div” was taught in class but the features were removed in Adobe CC) which I had to get used to from scratch in the limited amount of time I had. Luckily, I managed to solve most of the web-developing problems by learning from online tutorials and constantly experimenting with the software.

Lessons Gained When in doubt, google! I was faced with countless obstacles while developing the website due to my lack of experience in Adobe Dreamweaver, but the useful tutorials that I found online helped me piece everything (images, audio, animations, etc.) into a complete work. At the same time, I have acquired valuable web-developing skills that can be used for future works.

Transferable Knowledge and Skills I am intending to pursue other Interactive Media Design modules in the upcoming semesters. My newly acquired skills from Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Photoshop (learnt them all from scratch through this module) will definitely be transferable to those modules. The skills will also be extremely beneficial to my part-time job as a social media content manager, since it is often expected of me to come up with creatives for clients.

Teamwork Despite some differences in views along the way, I am glad that everything worked out well in the end. I am very satisfied with final prototype and this work would not have been a success without my wonderful group mates, who have contributed a lot in their own ways.


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