Class Exercise 6

At Work Inside Our Detention Centres: A Guard’s Story

1) Identify the different techniques used (as discussed in McCloud’s reading) in at work inside our detention.
2) Identify the ways in which some techniques are unique in web media, which are not applicable to print media.

The following points are what we’ve discussed in lecture:

– The comic is not limited by space, giving a sense of infinity.

If the above were to be printed, the reader might read the frames as a whole, although it is meant to be read from the top.

The effect would be difficult to achieve if it is in a printed book (unless the comic is folded such that it reveals only the top part first).


– Frameless; big space between each image – connotation of isolation

– Pacing of the reading

– There are several images of houses in the comic and they are not bounded by frames. This makes it less grounded and gives an impression that the house is rootless

– Leverages on scrolling property in a webpage

– There are different sizes for different frames

– A small selection of tools are used; but is still able to enhance the storytelling aspect of the work.


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