Assignment 2 – Draft 1

Here’s an uncompleted draft (I’ll add in the colours and more details after that!) for assignment 2, where we are tasked to express our personal concerns about one current affair/issue in Singapore. My comic takes on a light-hearted approach to explain the reasons why Singaporeans find it difficult to secure jobs.

A2_Critique_Yap Yoke Ling

– The 2nd “the next day” can be shifted to the previous row to create more suspense
– All the frames are the same, should have more variety in design
– Make the frame with a lot of “NO! NO! NO! NO!” more striking and impactful
– For the “victory” frame, the subject was supposed to be wearing a cloth over his head (*determined*), and that has to be represented more obviously.

I initially intended to draw in the face of the subject but my classmates said that having a faceless character is fine, so I’ll leave it as it is!

For the frames whereby the subject is searching for a job and complaining at the same time, I’m planning to illustrate the increasing angst of the subject by varying the colour of the background from a cool tone (blue) to a warm tone (red).


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