Class Exercise 5

Examine the techniques used to enhance the time & space in the comics below:

Luke Pearson Some People

1) Write your group discussion

2) For individual: Which technique used in Some People is compelling, and why?


Here are some of the points we discussed in class:

– Colour gradient transits from young to old or vice versa (frameless, timeless) – the happier the frame the more yellow it is

– If there was a black outline framing the frames, it wouldn’t be a smooth transition.

– Background colour changes from light to dark (mother bringing her kid)

– Time freeze – girl grows in size and appearance within the long panel – lines between each girl; subtle way of putting the effect in

– Kept some features the same (girl with glasses)

– The first 3 frames is actually in the same setting if the dividers are removed; the gutters make it clear that he is moving along the streets

– The woman walking with her child – seems like it is a long walk due to the long vertical panels


Personally, I am intrigued by the repetition of frames (the 4th to 6th frame at the start is presented again at the end of the comic). It is ironic how the subject who asked “What is the matter with some people?” has in fact become the “people” he was referring to!


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