Class Exercise 4

During lecture today, we learnt about the 7 categories of image/text relationships:
1. Word Specific
2. Picture Specific
3. Duo-Specific
4. Additive
5. Parallel
6. Montage
7. Interdependent

As for the quiz, we were asked to list and describe the 4 types of text used in comics, which are
1. Text balloons
2. Narration or commentary
3. Pictorial
4. Sound effect
In-class exercise 4a involved adding 4 different types of text into the same panel.


The text I came up with were:

1. Redundant
It’s so squeeze in here…

2. Contrasting
She’s one slim lady.

3. Complementary
At this rate she is going to flatten me…

4. Unrelated
What shall I have for lunch later?


For class exercise 4b, we were tasked to add text into the following comic:


Here’s what our group did!


A couple of brainstorming led us to the theme of broken-heartedness, whereby a lady named Phoebe spends her Valentines Day alone after breaking up with her boyfriend.


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